Blog #12: Outline

Thesis: The most pressing and urgent way in which people of color are affected by colorism is the psychological and physical well-being at risk due to internalized discrimination and unconscious bias.

BP 1: Women of color with darker skin tones experience less social mobility and proper ability to interact with others, and are at a greater risk for mental health issues.

Warrant: Darker skin tone may be a sign of a greater risk of mental health issues.

Warrant: Authority argument

Explain that other factors are involved, but the main focus is skin tone and colorism.

BP 2: Children in families of color that consist of family members with various skin tones experienced greater risk of hypertension (Racial Socialization)

Warrant: Generalization that all families of color experience some form of colorism.

Warrant: Authority argument

Explain that colorism is a focus of this argument, but that other factors are involved.

BP 3: Darker-skinned people of color are more likely to be victims of police violence and killings.

Warrant: Principle that racism still exists today, and that people should not have to be fearful because of the shade of their skin.

Warrant: Authority argument

Explain underlying bias/unconscious bias, and how colorism and discrimination is internalized. Additionally, that colorism exists in society, that colorism is a social and integrated issue rather than an individual one.

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