Blog #11

My goals for essay 4 at the beginning of the semester were much different than they are now. At the beginning of the semester, I just wanted to have a clear idea of my topic and maybe find an answer to my research question that I found most effective for essay 4. I also wanted to analyze sources correctly to get the most information and evidence I could to use them properly in my essays. But after reading Prichard’s essay, I found that it will also be important to take a strong stance about the one perspective of my research question that I identify with the most, and additionally bringing in points and ideas about other perspectives will make the essay even stronger, with strong sources and evidence. I also found that to effectively use sources in essay 4, you have to go really in depth into your sources, and maybe find more to prove your claim, to really “convince” readers of the essay. Language is also a large part in persuading your readers, using analytical verbs or sentence structure to get your point across.

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