Blog #10

Write this post to classmates who do not yet know about your research question. Briefly give them the background they need on the issue, and then state your research question. After, describe in a neutral way, what 3 views do you see so far in response to your research question? Describe a little about each. Who are the main stakeholders—what people, types of people, or groups? What evidence, from what sources, so far, seems to go with each viewpoint? What values or assumptions seem to go with each viewpoint? (Values—such as freedom, cooperation, or avoiding waste—from the American Value Systems reading should help you here.)

My research question explores how the everyday lives of people of color are affected by a nuanced form of racism called colorism. Colorism refers to the discrimination a person of color might experience based on their skin tone.

My research question is “How does colorism affect people of color?”

The three perspectives I have found to answer my essay three are: Employment Opportunities, Risk of Mental/Physical Well Being, and Representation of People of Color in Media, Television and Film.

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