Blog #8

I will definitely take advantage of this spring break to get ahead and find many more sources for the annotated bibliography. I will dedicate a few hours or more next week to find and search for possible sources and weed out the ones I will use for the bibliography. I have already created a document with all the sources I have found so far, and will continue to add to it when finding sources. I have also categorized them into the different aspects of my topic that the sources touch on, kind of dividing them into similar subjects, and I also include a little summary after the source title to remember which source is which. I usually then print the sources off to annotate them by hand and take notes on them right on the article itself, which helps me keep track of the the source’s content and helps me to analyze them better. I also use highlighters to connect similar ideas present in different sources, and to create a more obvious connection or separation between ideas. Possibly with the more extensive sources, I will take two-column notes along with the annotation, to help me more by separating my own thoughts. I keep these printed off sources in their own folder, separate from other handouts and other school paraphernalia.

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