Blog #7

What did you learn about reading critically and reading laterally from reading and giving peer review feedback to others on Essay 2? How can you use critical reading and lateral reading skills to help you as you continue to research your major research question this semester?

I learned different ways to incorporate lateral reading into our essay two, and how that might look differently in an essay. Reading critically and reading laterally effectively, impacts a paper greatly, because your argument could be stronger based on how in-depth you read your sources. I saw how this affected papers when giving peer review feedback after seeing how well-rounded arguments could be based on the amount of in-depth responses to their articles. I can use these skills and this information to continue researching, because I can now select articles based on their different backgrounds and motives, finding how truly credible and useful they are. Lateral reading was something I had never been introduced to before, but now that I have learned how to effectively use it in my essays, my papers, and skills, are greatly strengthened.

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