Blog #3

In learning about fake news, I have discovered that fake news is so easily spread due to social media, and that people tend to only look at headlines, ignoring the actual content of the supposed article. Fake news is meant to manipulate and mislead the public, sometimes even causing violent and catastrophic consequences. I have also learned that even informational and seemingly trustworthy articles can have motives behind them, like in the activity we did in class showed us that although a website may seem credible at first glance, more digging into the people who created the website, and there is more often than not, a motive behind not only their website alone, but their website as a whole. I learned that today, nothing is really as it seems, and it’s very important to do the extra work and find more information about the information you are trying to obtain, otherwise you are perpetuating more fake news and are becoming misinformed yourself.

Already after reading just two articles about fake news, there are already common thoughts and ideas about fake news. Both Steinmetz and Burkhardt have brought up the point that fake news is wide-spread because of social media, and that there are many ways to spread fake news. Someone can share the article themselves, thinking that it has merit, or people can like or comment on a post about the article. People can also end up sharing something about a fake news article, discrediting it and saying how it does not have merit, informing people not to read it or trust it, when in fact this also spreads fake news, because the more something its shared, the wider audience it creates.

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