Blog Post #3 – Research Topics

My three choices for a research paper are: Colorism, the Increase in Hate Crimes, and Diversity in the Film Industry. The issue of colorism is a nuanced form of Racism that applies to people of color, and is very important to me to learn more about, as I don’t know all the elements behind it and the different issues it poses. The topic of the increase in hate crimes would also be an interesting and complex issue to explore. As there are many different elements to address in this topic, like what is causing this rise in hate motivated crimes, what social issues have to be resolved in order to decrease, or put an end to these crimes, and many other ideas. Diversity in the film industry has been more increasingly in the spotlight over the past few years. There has been a big response to diverse stories told on the big screen, and more noticeable growth in inclusivity in the hiring of actors and filmmakers. I think it would be interesting to explore what has contributed to this, and even how certain social issues are depicted in the film industry based on the strong increase of diversity in films. I don’t know a lot of the information behind these topics, and am interested in learning more about them, which is why I am considering these certain topics.

One thought on “Blog Post #3 – Research Topics

  1. I’m not familiar with colorism but I can see how that could also be linked to hate crimes. I think you could look into punishments and severity of committing hate crimes. I think looking into what is causing the rise or decrease in hate crimes, see if something in our society/government or certain events trigger these crimes. I was also looking into diversity in film and television. I would recommend looking into what they are doing to increase diversity in media.

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