Reflection of Student Samples

One skill that I saw in the sample papers that reflect skills I have learned in the past is the use of concise and clear ideas through academic diction. Something that was emphasized in previous classes of mine, was to use academic and formal language in a formal piece of writing, like a research paper, to clearly and concisely convey your ideas. Diction is important in writing because it effects how your ideas come across to readers, and I thought the student sample papers reflected this very well.

I haven’t done very many research papers myself in the past, usually it was primarily literary analysis, so reading these samples and getting back into the mindset of research and the format of the paper that it entails has proven helpful. Learning how to include analysis with facts and quotes in a paper, creating an arguable thesis, and forming a conclusion are all things I am looking forward to improving upon and developing. I am also looking to improve upon finding usable sources on the topic of my paper to create the best argument.

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